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Leica GX1230 2005

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Leica GX1230 2005+ GNSS & SmartRover RX1250X GNSS Dual-Frequency

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Conditian : Used

Brand : Leica


Description :

Condition: Very Good
Manufactured: 2005/2007

Used 2005 Leica GX1230+ GNSS Base Receiver and SmartRover RX1250X Dual-Frequency, L1/L2 GPS. This GPS package has been configured in such a way that the GX1230+ GNSS functions as the Base GPS Receiver and the RX1250X functions as the all-on-the-pole Rover Receiver. GPS package includes a brand new Pacific Crest ADL Vantage PRO 35w Base Radio (430-470 MHz) with an extendable radio antenna which is able to broadcast RTK corrections up to 12 km from the base. Geographic location does not affect the performance and range of the Satel radios

All on-the-pole RTK GPS Receiver:
At only 6.2lbs, the incredibly lightweight SmartRover is the ultimate real-time, field-based GNSS survey system for fast, accurate data gathering in the field. About 30% lighter than other all-0n-the-pole systems, the SmartRover includes the GPS1200 remote control receiver and the pole-based Smart Antenna dual frequency GPS receiver with Bluetooth wireless communication for cable-free operation. The new lightweight controller communicates with the SmartAntenna to provide RTK positioning to centimeter accuracy.
SmartTip: The integrated CF card in the Leica SmartRover lets surveyors exchange data seamlessly with all other Leica System 1200 instruments to provide full X-Function capability, Leica’s uniform operating concept that guarantees uniform operations and identical data management.
Mobility: SmartRover weighs only 6.2lbs so it’s easy to carry around sites, reducing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity
Cable Free: Built in Bluetooth wireless technology and Windows CE mobile operating system offers complete mobility in the field and is ideal for construction applications.
All GPS accessories and components necessary to perform RTK surveying right out of the box have been included in this package and are listed below.

• The lightest, cable-free real-time GPS system in the world for demanding survey tasks in difficult to reach areas
• At only 6.2 lbs, the incredibly lightweight SmartRover is the ultimate real-time, field-based GNSS survey system for fast, accurate data gathering
• Achieves 1.0 cm accuracy using RTK radio modems (included) and 0.3cm acuracy using post-processed data
• SmartTrack+ GNSS measurement engine with SmartCheck for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to-noise ratios, jamming resistant, multipath mitigation and low latency
• SmartTrack+ guarantees fast satellite acquisition and reliable tracking, evem to low satellites in poor conditions
• GX1230+ GNSS Base can be used with Satel or PDL Radio and GSM phone modems. Static Observations can also be achieved using post-processed data
• Includes long-range ADL Vantage PRO 35 watt Base Radio for up to 12 km RTK range

• (1) 747956 2005 Leica GX1230+ GNSS GPS Base Receiver
• (1) 747957 2007 Leica ATX1230 GG SmartAntenna GPS Receiver
• (1) 752847 2007 Leica RX1250X GPS/GLONASS Field Controller
• (1) 770701 Leica AX1202 GG GPS Antenna
• (3) 733270 Leica GEB221 Li-ION Batteries
• (2) 733269 Leica GEB211 Battery
• (1) 733271 Leica GKL221 Pro Charger
• (2) 733323 Leica GDI221 Charging Plates
• (1) 667308 Leica GDF112 Tribrach with Optical Plummet
• (1) 667216 Leica GRT146 Tribrach Adapter
• (1) 636959 Leica 2.8 m Antenna Cable
• (1) 734275 MCF64 64MB Flash Card
• (1) 733299 Leica GEV163 1.2 m Cable to connect ATX1230 to RX1250Xc
• (1) 667244 Leica Height Hook
• (1) 747096 Leica GHT56 Controller
• (1) 667243 Leica Whip Antenna with 90 degree elbow
• (1) SEC5125-20 Seco Snap-Lock Aluminum rover Pole
• (1) 5198-056 Seco Pole Bracket with level vial and compass
• (1) LCA789636 ADL Vantage Pro 35watt Base Radio
• (1) Satel Sateline 3ASm Rover radio - GFU14
• (1) 636805 GEV114 Satel Leica data cable
• (1) PCRC00695 Mobile Whip Antenna LAIRD 5 dbi
• (1) A00393 Pacific Crest Battery Cable
• (1) TRM87024 Antenna Tripod mounting kit
• (1) Leica PDF Instruction Manuals and Setup Guide

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