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Leica SR530 Dual Frequency

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Leica SR530 Dual Frequency L1/L2 Base & Rover RTK Survey GPS Package

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Conditian : Used

Brand : Leica


Condition: Very Good
Manufactured: 2002

Leica 1999/2002 SR530 Dual-Frequency L1/L2 Geodetic RTK GPS System which includes a Brand-New SATEL-TA18 Long-Range 35w Base Radio and Rover Radio with 7-day money back guarantee. These SR530 receivers were traded-in by a local municipality in order to update their equipment. These receivers are in excellent condition and have been cleaned, serviced, and certified by our Leica-trained service technicians to be operating according to and meeting Leica factory specifications. Our technicians reformatted the System RAM and installed the current Leica firmware 5.10 programs and applications to ensure the receivers operate according to factory specifications.

This SR530 L1/L2 GPS system is being sold as a complete RTK setup in the backpack configuration. SR530 equipment shows normal signs of normal wear, no significant blemishes or defects to report.

This system can achieve 3 mm + 5 ppm Static Mode while performing Static observations with post-processed data. It can achieve 10 mm accuracy with RTK Radio Modems. The SR530's utilize break-through ClearTrack technology for best signal to noise ratios, resistance to jamming, and multipath mitigation. The GPS Measurement Engines use self-checking real-time algorithms to provide fast ambiguity resolution on the fly.
This system includes a SATEL-TA18 35 watt Base Radio (403-473 MHz) that can broadcast corrections up to 10 km depending on conditions.

This system is being sold as a complete RTK setup with office software. Everything is included for this system to be put in the truck and go to work. Many of the accessories are Brand New to increase the reliability and dependabillity of the SR530 system. We are glad to add or subtract components to meet your specifications and budget.

• Latest Firmware 5.10 installed on both SR530 Receivers S/N 0039232; 0030808
• Achieves 10 mm accuracy while performing RTK with Brand New SATEL Satelline-Easy Pro 35W and Satelline-3ASm/250/LC (included)
• Achieves 3 mm accuracy performing Static using post-processed data
• 24-channel Dual-Frequecy Geodetic GPS receivers track L1 and L2 of the highest accuracy with on-board Leica RTK measurement engine
• Long-Range SATEL- TA18, model SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35-watt Base Radio achieve RTK range of up to 10 km (varies according to conditions and height of radio)
• SR530 Receivers utilize Leica ClearTrack technology for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to noice ratios, jamming resistant, multipath mitigation, and low latency
• ClearTrack guarantees fast satellite acquisition and reliable tracking, even to low satellites in poor conditions
• Clear Track utilizes self-checking, real-time algorithms to provide the best RTK results
• SR530's offer fast, reliable ambiguity resolution on the fly and mm-accuracy
• SR530's are small, light, rugged and easy to use
• SR530's can be used with with Radio Modems, GSM cell phone modems, or Static Observations can be performed using post-processed data
• 7-day money back guarantee

Package Includes:
• (2) Leica 667122 SR530 L1/L2 Dual-Frequency GPS Receivers Firmware 5.10
• (2) Leica 667127 TR500 TERMINAL for SR530 GPS receiver
• (2) Leica 770701 AT502 Antennas
• (3) Leica 636959 Leica 2.8m Antenna Cables
• (1) Leica 560130 Leica 1.8m TR500 Controller Cable
• (4) Leica 667123 GEB121 NiMH Battery Brand New!
• (1) Leica 770707 Mini-Pack for GPS Receiver Brand New!
• (1) Leica 667228 GAD32 Telescopic Rod with 5/8" Screw
• (1) 667220 Leica GAD34 ARM 3cm
• (2) Leica 734753 GKL112 NiMH Basic Battery Charger, Brand New!
• (2) Leica 733267 GVP Hard Container for GPS
• (1) Leica 667216 GRT146 Carrier with 5/8" Stub Brand New!
• (1) Leica 667244 GZS4-1 Height Hook
• (1) SEC5125-20-FLY SECO Snap-Lock Aluminum Rover Pole Brand New!
• (1) SEC5198-055 SECO Pole Bracket Assembly
• (1) SEC5198-086 SECO Cradle For TR500 Controller
• (2) 32MB CF Cards with PCMCIA ATA Card Adapters
• (1) LCA789636 SATEL- TA18, model SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35-watt Base Radio, Brand New!
• (1) Satelline-3ASm/250/LC Rover Radio
• (1) 767897 GEV232 GS15 to GFU Cable Brand New!
• (1) 636805 GEV114 Satel LEICA data cable, Brand New!
• (1) PCRC00695 Mobile Whip Antenna LAIR BB4505C , Brand New!
• (1) PCR86917 Pacific Crest Antenna Cable 9-Feet, Brand new!
• (1) TRM87024-00 Radio Antenna Tripod Mounting System Kit

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